What is NMEA?

According to NMEA website www.nmea.org : “The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) is the unifying force behind the entire marine electronics industry, bringing together all aspects of the industry for the betterment of all in our business“. We can take a close look in the following sentence “unifying force behind the entire marine eletronics industry“, yeah is a standard.

The aim of NMEA standard is to facilitate the interconnection and interchangeability between different equipments minimizing misunderstanding and confusion between manufactures and assisting purchasers in selecting compatible equipment.

If I have an antenna or a receiver which respects the NMEA standard protocol, is possible send information from it to Radar or Sounder or any other stuff that can understand NMEA protocol.

Nowadays some applications largely used is to take a GPS which transmits the information by NMEA protocol and develop programs that interpret all the information from GPS and do many richest stuffs. Like showing the position in a web map, do a tracker or any other stuff really interesting and useful.

I will show here a lot of things about NMEA, because is not so easy find this kind of information on internet. We can find on internet some tables/schemes showing what is some kind of protocol but any other information besides it. I will put here too, some parts of NMEA publications because these publications is really expensive. (But I won’t put the entire publications because I should respect copyright laws, but some citation, examples, parts and references I will put 😉 ). I want do this to help the people who hasn’t enough money to buy the documents.

Well I think that for my first article is ok. I’m accepting feedback too correct some wrong information that I wrote or some advice.

Thats it. Seeya!



Nmea Publications, NMEA 0183 Standard for Interfacing Marine Eletronic Devices, Version 3.01, January 1, 2002.



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